Marc Ooms’ career


Specialist in capital markets


Marc Ooms is a belgian private equity investor born in Etterbeek in 1951. He studied Business Administration at Vlekho (Brussels University) before joining the Department of Applied Economics at the Catholic University of Louvain as a research assistant. Actively involved in what then were the first mathematical studies on the Brussels stock market, Marc Ooms specialized in the efficiency of capital markets. He published several papers on the evolution of share prices and on the efficiency of the market.


Private equity expert


After he graduated from university in 1974, Marc Ooms worked for three years as a research assistant. His works helped him secure a position at the private equity division of the Investment Company for Flanders. He became manager in 1980 and left in 1988 to become Managing Director of Petercam Securities, the largest independent broker and private banker in Belgium at the time.

He left the Petercam Group in 2011. By then, he had been a member of the Deprez family’s holding company for more than 20 years. In 2013, CVC was the controlling shareholder of Univeg but announced its desire to withdraw from its position. Marc Ooms worked closely with Univeg’s Chairman Hein Deprez to organize the buy-out of CVC. To realize this he brought in two of his South-African business partners, Peter Gain and Tom Borman.

He became shareholder and member of the Board of the two sister-companies born from the strategic restructuring of Univeg, namely Greenyard and The Fruit Farm Company.

For many years, Marc Ooms has also been an independent director of companies like Sea-Invest Corporation in Luxembourg, Baltisse, BMT, Univerasl Partners Limited.

RegimA, his next promising project


Versatility and open-mindedness have always been core values for Marc Ooms. His interpersonal skills and perspectives help him see business opportunities in various places, not only in the fruit and vegetable sector. His latest project is bound to revolutionize European skin care treatments. Developed in South Africa, RegimA is a skin product used by specialists.

It is a scar repair and anti-stretch mark complex design to help the healing process, especially during the initial inflammatory phase. It is very efficient of any type of skin damage. It is used on scars to sooth and to rejuvenate skin cells, while protecting them form the negative impact of free radicals. Its formula is based on South African and other tropical plants, which makes RegimA the ultimate vegan-friendly professional skin care.

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